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Welcome to True North Floors! We have the flooring selection and value you want for your home or business.

Integrity, experience, and quality are True North Floors major attributes. This is what separates us from the rest!

We believe in installing only the best products for our customers. We work closely with leading floor covering manufacturers to bring you the best possible prices and to ensure your project is done as promised.

At True North Floors Ltd. we adhere to the highest industry standards through all phases of the project. We are only satisfied when we know you are satisfied!

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The True North Floors Process

Flooring Winnipeg On-site visit

True North Floors will need to have an estimator look at your floor before we can give you a firm price for installing or refinishing. However, it would facilitate the process if over the phone you can provide the approximate size and scope of the job.

True North Floors will try and provide pricing within 48 hours unless we are pending reports.

Flooring Winnipeg On-site visit

We usually need two to four weeks lead time to schedule a job. Contact us as soon as you know when you would like the work done, and we will do all we can to accommodate you. We rarely have to postpone a promised start-date for a job. However, True North Floors cannot guarantee against unforeseen circumstances, which may force us to postpone.

We will always give as much notice as possible on such occasions, and will attempt to reschedule as soon as we can. We will give you a fairly accurate assessment of how long a job will take, but True North Floors cannot be held liable if a job takes longer than the initial estimated duration.

A 50% down payment and signed contract are required to secure a scheduled start date. With balance due upon competition of the job.


Without exception, we INSIST that our customers provide a key to the jobsite in order to avoid costly and time-consuming delays. We will return your key via mail unless otherwise instructed.

Phone Number

True North Floors is in contact with our crews. It is just as important being in contact with you. TNF requires a phone number where you can be reached during the day. If you plan to be out of town, please tell us how we may contact you, or arrange for someone to serve as your contact for us here in town. No additional (not specified on the contract) work will be performed without the customer’s (or sub-contractor’s) approval.

Flooring Winnipeg On-site visit

We strongly recommend customers remove all personal items, clothing and breakables prior to installation. This will prevent delays.

Our customers must be aware that floors that are covered at the time of the estimate may require additional work that may not have been apparent to our estimator. True North Floors will bill hourly plus materials and disposal for any such work.

For new installations, the subfloor must be clear and clean; delays or subfloor preparation work will be billed hourly. We understand that new construction and remodel projects can be messy; however, our work is of such a nature that we must minimize exposure to dirt and other contaminants.

TNF INSISTS that a job-site be swept clean prior to our arrival. On a site where other construction or remodeling is in progress, we require that any and all dust- and dirt-producing activities be halted before we begin installing a floor. Any damages to the floor’s surface which are caused by other construction activities will result in added repair charges of $75 per man, per hour, plus travel time and materials.

New wood must be stored on-site for at least one week prior to installation, allowing the wood to acclimatize to the temperature and moisture conditions of the house. This acclimatization will help minimize expansion and contraction in the future.

TNF INSISTS that the jobsite be maintained at a temperature no lower than 65 degrees Fahrenheit from the time the wood is delivered until the job is completed. New wood CANNOT be stored in a basement or garage. Any exceptions to these requirements may compromise the integrity of the finished product, for which TNF disclaims all liability.

Our Delivery

It is imperative that the job-site be accessible to the delivery person so that the wood may be STORED INDOORS. Unfortunately, we are only give general delivery times, so we ask that our customers plan to meet the delivery person, leave a key somewhere on-site.

Flooring Winnipeg Dust and clean up

TNF will attempt to minimize airborne dust during refinishing or installation of any products for the safety of the crews and the alleviation of clean-up. We encourage our customers to take added precautions with dust-sensitive items, such as computers, other electronic equipment, dishes and glassware, art objects and other items that could be damaged by dust.

Whenever possible, such items should be removed far from the work area, and ideally covered with sheets or plastic. Our customers should also mask off or disable all smoke alarms, as the fine sanding dust can cause false alarms. Heating and cooling vents must not be masked; we need the air circulation they provide, and we may need to control the temperature of the work area to facilitate the proper drying of our finishes. We do recommend that you change your air filters once work is completed, or plan to do your scheduled heating/cooling system cleaning soon after our work is completed.

True North Floors makes no guarantees relating to dust containment and cannot be liable for any dust-related damage.

Flooring Winnipeg visit

Sand & Finish Flooring

After the final coat of finish is applied, light to normal foot traffic may resume in 24 hours (lighter is better for the first few days). We recommend waiting 48 hours (if possible) before replacing furniture. Please consult with us directly before replacing area rugs.

Most floors can be walked on immediately after installation. Contact with our estimator regarding your project.

Any and all balances are due upon completion of work. Delinquent accounts are subject to a flat $100 late fee, plus monthly interest at the highest rate allowed by law, without exception.

Flooring Winnipeg Maintenance Tips
  1. Vacuum, dust mop or sweep your floor regularly. If you do sweep, we recommend nylon brooms, as straw brooms tend to be too rough on some floor finishes.

  2. Make sure your tables and chairs have soft Felt Floor Protector Pads on the bottom of their legs to help prevent scratches. The felt pads must be kept free of grit, and will periodically need to be replaced.

  3. Use exterior walk-off mats and an area rug just inside your doors to help keep grit off of your floors.

  4. Place area rugs in high traffic areas, especially in front of your kitchen sink, stove and refrigerator.

  5. Keep your pet’s nails clipped.

  6. When moving heavy furniture, always pick up the furniture rather than sliding it across the floors.

  7. Do not roll or slide appliances across your floor. We recommend the Glide Guard.

  8. Both men’s and women’s shoes should be properly maintained. Heels with an unprotected tip will cause damage to your hardwood floors.

  9. Always use your products manufacturers recommended method of cleaning